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Botlink help commands

To begin detailing the functionality of Botlink, I will list out the available help commands.



This help command lists out all commands supported by Botlink.



This command lists all objects available to Botlink.  Objects represent entities within the game along with their data fields and functionality.  For example, the Ship Object is used to create Ship records that can be used to view and modify a particular ship’s data.



This command will list out all fields supported for a particular object.  It will show the type of the field, its range if applicable, and whether the field is read-only.  For example, these are a few of object Sector’s fields:

FighterMode : FighterMode

FighterOwnerIndex : Number [0, 0]

FighterOwnerType : OwnerType

Fighters : Number [0, 2000000000]

NavHaz : Number [0, 100]

Nebulae : String[41]

Warps : Array[index : Number] of Number


FighterMode = {None, Defensive, Toll, Offensive}

OwnerType = {Player, Corp, Federation, Rogue, Pirate, Ferrengi, AlienTrader, Abandoned, GoldRace}


>SHOW RANGE FOR Object.field

This command will show the allowed range for a numeric field.  For example,

>SHOW RANGE FOR Sector.fighters

Fighters : Number [0,  2000000000]

It is also allowed to use a record alias with the SHOW RANGE command.  The range for a record may be different than the range  for an object.  For example, the Ship object has field ranges based on the size of the field (4 byte integer, 2 byte word), but a Ship record has field ranges based on the ship class.  Ship classes define ranges like max fighter count, max shield count, etc.



This command lists out all available functions for an object.  For example,



Kill(KillerType: KillerType = Admin; KillerIndex: Number = 0; Pod: Boolean = True; Silent: Boolean = True)

Move(ToSector: Number)

Claim(ClaimType: OwnerType;    ClaimIndex: Number = 0)


Boolean = {False, True}

KillerType = {Admin, Player, GoldRace}

OwnerType = {Player, Corp, Federation, Rogue, Pirate, Ferrengi, AlienTrader, Abandoned, GoldRace}



This command lists out all aliases for open records, optionally for a specific Object.



This command lists out a set of “find” commands.  These commands generate lists of record numbers that match a particular criteria.  For example, “>FIND ONLINE PLAYERS” will list out the player ID of every player in the game at that time.  Record IDs are used to open the associated records using an Object.



This command provides information about how to add color to messages that are displayed in the game.


Coming up next…  Working with Botlink objects

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